Monday, July 29

Open farm dates...

Hello Friends!

We will be having open farm days the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month from 3-5pm starting August 10.  We will always have Artisan Bread (comments about this in the reviews), Micro Greens, and Herbs for sale.  Other foods we have but can't guarantee our quantity because we consume them ourselves are Kombucha Scobys, Pastured Eggs, and Xtra Vegetables and Fruits in season.

When we have our trees trimmed, we keep the mulch, cover them to encourage decomposition and most importantly have the ladies scratch through them incorporating them into the existing soil.  When we need to add some "food" to the garden, this is what use.

All our ladies have plenty of room to freely roam, scratch and eat lots of  bugs.

Figs are ready!

Monday, February 11

Juicing, garden, doula business

Hello Friends

I have to honestly say I haven't been working in the garden lately.  That's not too good, but I can also honestly say I haven't enjoyed a fall or winter...ever, like this year.  Probably what makes it so good is watching the older kids love on their new baby sister.  The teens can't get enough of her and they have no problem showing her off to their friends...Olivia is 16 months and has no desire to walk....why walk when her siblings will carry and kiss her???  

I've been juicing 3 times a day 1 orange and kale, spinach, radish leaves, Swiss chard, dandelion, and stinging nettles.....sometimes all of them or a mixture of 2 or just depends what's growing.  

I've been sleeping 6 hours a night and need no nap in the afternoon thanks to juicing.  I'm really just trying to help my body out a bit, a little detox and a little vitamin and mineral boost. :)

Below is my lettuce bed....after all 10 chickens were found in it.....g o n e!!!

The second picture is just an overview of our front yard garden.  I just received an iPad mini from my father....I used to have a's like night and day.  I used to have a PC....then we got a Mac...I am an Apple girl all the way.  You really do get what you pay for!  So why did I tell you all that...well I'm trying this on the iPad and I can't figure out how to change the font and rearrange the sorry if things look a little goofy. 

I'm starting my doula business, so if you are pregnant and are planning a homebirth, maybe I can help.  Check out my other blog at


Thursday, January 3

Vacation, Eggs, Garden...

The ABSOLUTE delight of an egg from your own ladies (yes I'm serious!).  The orange eggs on the left are from my pastured chickens, (and we don't always feed organically) the ones on the right are pastured, organically fed eggs from the market in which I paid $5.00 for a dozen.  What a difference huh?!

Oh you should see the garden!!!  How beautiful it is!  We have replaced all wire with branches from a tree we cut in the yard.  So now instead of squash going up wire with some green plastic helping the vines, we now have warm looking branches stuck in the ground with vines that get help from twine. :) 

This is the last week of vacation before we get back to homeschooling.  We have been doing a lot of reading, deep cleaning, and to enjoy each others company.  With 3 weeks of no schedule and Mom daily announcing "what we are going to do today" I'm sure the kids have had enough of my randomness and are more than ready to get back to some type of routine.  


Friday, October 19

Hello Friends

Funky weather here in the Long Beach area huh?  Despite the cold one day and hot the other, I still have tomatoes, eggplant, and berries.  The avocados are growing by the bushel full, the oranges are getting ready to for their harvest in December and the ladies are laying.

Kirsten has been here a year now helping faithfully just about every week.  J, is our new knowledgeable sister who comes weekly, sometimes more and teaches Kirsten and I so much!  I could not continue the garden without them both. :)

For now I will only be posting monthly as I am turning my efforts to family and my studies to become a postpartum doula.  

I plan on having a JOY FILLED fall, with not too much busyness and lots of making our own fun right here in our little home.

Blessings to you all!


Saturday, August 25

Hello Friends :)

Well, we have officially started homeschool this year.  This is my 18 yob's senior year, my 15 yog is a sophomore, I have a 6th grader, 4th grader, kindergartner, and a 10 month old.  Life is busy.

I am hoping to find someone who wants to help work the yard with Kirsten and I.  "I" being very little because I want to devote all my energies into my family.  Usually I have something else going on here or there, but this year I want to be single-minded towards my family and having the huge age range from a 19 yog to a baby really demands T I M E.  Time really to just sit and talk, time to make a cup of tea, sit in the yard and ask about their life, their books they are reading, time to touch them, rub their back, kiss their cheek, etc...

I am always so busy, really I can see how I do the bulk of the work and the children come along side...I'm going to be changing that.  They will be doing the bulk of the house work while I play with the babies in the same room.  They don't know that yet, but they will find out soon.  My plan is to make  it appealing by starting a pot of their favorite tea and work them for short sessions like 20 minutes.  Unknowingly I've been preparing them by quoting throughout the day, "Many hands make work light!" :)

Here's a picture of my oldest daughter (19) and my oldest son (18).  My daughter works at Chick Fil A and attends Cerritos College.  My son is a senior this year and works at Hollister.

I have always wanted to be a wife and a mother...I can't think of anything better...I mean there may be something better, but I cannot think of what it would be. :)


Friday, August 17

Hello Friends!

Hot, hot and the temperature here.  Actually my neighbors probably would not agree with my rantings on the temperature....BUT THEY HAVE AIR and no kids...which makes living e a s y.  Reheating lunch over the stove at 12pm while the temperature outside is 95, makes it 105 in the house! We live in a very tiny but cozy 1930's house with no in summer, freezing in winter!

Baby has been sleeping much better now that I've made her a hammock under the orange tree.

My oldest son just turned 18 (in the middle with the black shirt.)

I have FINALLY gone CONTINUOUS in regards to my Kombucha...I have been putting it off because I wanted to wait until I could buy a wood vessel, but I had glass on hand.  I already made a batch and it is much easier...I can't believe I waited all these years!  I combined 2 scobys together and keep the vessel on the kitchen counter with a pillow case wrapped around it to keep it dark inside.

My girlfriend Heather, sent me a link on CONTINUOUS crock-pot stock and that is SO MUCH easier than the cook for 24 hours and then freeze.  I take the stock from it just about evening and add to my pre-soaked grains.  Look up "continuous crock-pot whole foods" and you will get something. 

Right now my son has some friends staying at the Sheraton so, we thought we should go use their pool.  Then we will have a late night dinner of cold-cut sandwiches thanks to Trader-Joes which is right next door to the hotel. :)

Tomorrow is Naturally Urban Day...Hope to see you from 10am-1pm.


Friday, August 10

Saturday Talks...Calif. Homemade Food Act

Hello Friends!

Stacy our researcher (she knows alot about everything pertaining to food and if she doesn't she'll be honest and say, "you know what, I'm not sure about that, let me look around and see what I find") will be planning some discussions for our 1st and 3rd Saturday meetings.  Feel free to come on over to share in the fellowship. :)  

I wanted to pass this link on from Stacy as it's pretty important...

The squashes have taken off like crazy, the watermelon is AWESOME and Heather made some "Jolly Rancher" like candy by dehydrating the core (in pieces).  It is the SWEETEST hard little candy treat that is a pleaser in adults as well as children....and you don't have to limit them! :)

Kirsten is faithful in coming all the way from Ventura every week or so.  She starts the seeds and does the harvesting...and helps me keep things looking nice in the garden when I fall behind (which is like always.)  

2 teens are at camp, 1 is spending the night, 1 is sleeping with me and baby,  1 is sleeping with daddy, and 1 is already asleep in her own bed.  Our neighbors have an awesome is good! :)


ACTION ALERT:  California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616)

The Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) needs your action to ensure that the California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616) makes it to the State Senate floor for a vote later this month. 
The CA Homemade Food Act, also known as a cottage law or bakers' bill, would allow Californians to sell "non-potentially hazardous" food products made in their home kitchen; such as cereals, pretzels, coffee, granola, vinegars, mixed nuts, jams and jellies, and baked goods. As it stands now individuals must use a commercial kitchen to sell such products, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Your action is needed now because on Monday, August 6th the bill goes to the Appropriations Committee for review. If approved AB1616 will move to the Senate floor for final approval before being sent to Governor Jerry Brown in September.


1) Call, email, write a letter
Contact the Senate Appropriations Committee Members listed below and tell them that you support the California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616).

Senator Christine Kehoe (Chair)  (916) 651-4039
Senator Mimi Walters (Vice Chair)  (916) 651-4033
Senator Elaine Alquist  (916) 651-4013
Senator Bob Dutton  (916) 651-4031
Senator Ted W. Lieu  (916) 651-4028
Senator Curren Price  (916) 651-4026
Senator Darrell Steinberg  (916) 651-4006

If your Senator is not one of the Appropriations Committee members, send them an email and give them a call as well. You can find out who your Senator is here:

You can find a sample email and sample phone script at the Sustainable Economies Law Center's website here:
However, a personalized message will always have so much more impact.

2) Take a ride to the State Capitol in Sacramento on August 6th to show legislatures you support AB 1616
This method proved successful for SELC and supporters when the bill was passed through the Senate Health Committee; so they're going to bring another crowd of supporters to the Appropriations Committee. Last time they had dozens of people from across the state to show support and they're hoping to double the amount of people who come this time!

If you plan on coming, please fill out this form here:
Sustainable Economies Law Center can provide a travel grant to help you pay for travel expenses, and they can connect you with people in your area who will be driving to Sacramento, to arrange carpools. If you'd like a travel grant let them know by sending an email to in addition to filling out the form above.

For more information on the CA Homemade Food Act check out the frequently asked questions of SELC's webpage here.